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PCB Automatic Line Width Measuring Machine (XK32)

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Automatic Line Width Measuring Machine / XK32 / PCB

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1. Automatic positioning measurement: The user can import the DXF data, and customize the measurement location information according to the DXF file, generate an automatic measurement program and then import the software for automatic measurement;
  • 2. Auto focus: When the automatic measurement is performed, the imaging system automatically focuses to ensure that the measurement position is clear and accurate;
  • 3. Automatic switching magnification: Automatic zoom lens, no manual switching, software online switching magnification;
  • 4. Navigation Positioning: Navigation image positioning function;
  • 5. Automatic edge search: Automatically grasp the line, width of upper and lower lines, line spacing, round diameter, etc. during automatic measurement;

Product Details

PCB Automatic Line Width Measuring Machine (XK32)


The automatic line width measuring instrument XK32 is suitable for detecting the widths of the upper and lower webs of the inner and outer layers of the PCB after etching (before the green oil), as well as the distance between the etching lines and the copper lines, the hole-to-edge distance, and the round holes blind hole diameter, etc.; and suitable for line width measurement of IC wafers and LCDs.


    Data statistics function: EXCEL data archiving and statistics functions; data automatically exported;

    SPC statistics: capable of SPC statistical analysis;

    Self-developed wire width measurement software, support MES database docking: support SQL database docking and realize factory informatization.


ITEM                                                                                                         XK32

Parameters                    Dimension                                                  1810×2070×1700mm    

Equipment                     Equipment Capacity                        Measurement of (line width/ line spacing/ width of upper and lower

Capacity                       Measurement Project                       lines/ round diameter/ Goldfinger line width/ pads/ SMT-PAD/ etc.) 

                                                                                         within view of camera after developing and etching the inner and outer

                                                                                          layer of the PCB.

                                    Measuring Range of                      720mm×700mm (platform measurement range can be customized)

                                    Platform (W×L)

                                    Table Surface                                  Adsorption platform+Edge positioning

                                    Plate Thickness Range                                   0.036mm-6mm

                                   Measuring Range                                          10μm-3100μm

                                   of Line Width

                                   Precision of Line                           1x=±3μm; 2x=±2μm; 3x=±1μm; 4x=±1μm; 4.5x=±1μm

                                   Width Measurement            

Imaging System           Camera                                                  5 million gigabit color CCD

                                  CCD Resolution                                              2560×1920pixel

                                   Lens                                           0.7x~4.5x continuous automatic lens doubling

                                  Different Magnification                    1.0x-2.3μm/pixel; 2.0x-1.5μm/pixel;

                                  /Image Resolution                           3.0x-0.9μm/pixel,4.0x-0.7μm/pixel; 4.5x-0.5μm/pixel 

  Measuring Repeatability                                         ±2 pixel

Measurement Window                               Minimum Magnification

Field of View                                             0.7X=X3.50mm-Y2.65mm

                                                           Maximum Magnification


                                                           (View Deviation Range: ±5%)                                         

   Light Source                                   Annular LED (Brightness can be continuously adjusted)

                                                         Separate dual-annular light source at the top and bottom

   Navigation Field of Vision                                X1.2mm-Y0.8mm    

   The Navigation and

   Positioning Camera                          Equipped with CCD navigation, which is convenient and fast to

   locate the measurement target.              

                                   Autofocus                                                      Software autofocus

Operation Mode          Learning Mode                          Learn from the first article as the programming model, operating the measurement 


                                  CAM Data Import Mode           Support Genesis 2000 exporting GBR-RX274 format data and using GBR format to

                                                                                 import data into software, program the first article through layers data and operate 

                                                                                  the measurement.

                                   Measuring Edge                        Finding method has manual and automatic edge-finding function.

                                   Measurement Speed                                                 3S/point

Data Output                Data Export                              Export EXCEL data automatically and store it in the specified path.

                                  Statistics Function        

                                  Database Sharing                       Has SQL database sharing and can dock with MES information terminal.

  Installation Environmental           No contact with acid, base, corrosive gas or liquid.

  Requirements                             Note: Damage due to corrosive environment is not within the warranty scope.



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