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About Us

Wehans Automation Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan,jiangsu province, China. Wehans Technology is Branch of Zhengye Technology in East china , and the company specializes in international business from china to overseas countries.

 Zhengye Technology CO.,LTD. (Stock Code: 300410) was founded in 1997 and went public in 2014.  It is a platform high-tech enterprise specialized in the automation solution of photoelectric detection.

Zhengye Technology’s business is mainly oriented to PCB, FPC, lithium battery, LCD panel, automatic welding, LED and other fields, which has developed into a leading enterprise in many industries.

Zhengye Technology has more than hundreds of customers, including well-known enterprises in China and abroad, like HUAWEI, FOXCONN, BYD, ATL, GREE GROUP, FOUNDER GROUP, SHENNAN CIRCUIT and SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY, etc. Its market covers the Pearl River delta and Yangtze River delta region and has exported many products to Russia, Korea, India, USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, HK, etc.


Four major research and development platform

l  Provincial university-industry cooperation demonstration base

l  Provincial engineering R&D center

l  Provincial technology center

l  Post-Doctoral research center

l  Optical, mechanical and electrical, soft, calculate and multi-disciplinary comprehensive technology innovation professionals of more than 200 people, master of more than 48 people, Dr. 3 people

l  Carry out the production-study-research cooperation with more than ten domestic scientific research institutes including Tsinghua University, Xi’An JiaoTong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Jilin University, etc.

l  Research and development field of more than 20,000 square meters


l  List company which went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange

l  Best Performance Award of the Top 10 listed companies in 2017 (new energy industry)

l  National high-tech enterprises

l  National intellectual property rights enterprise

l  National Patent Excellence Award winning enterprise

l  The first, second, third and fourth session of “China outstanding national brand in electronic circuit industry ” winning enterprise

l  The first, second, third and fourth session of “Chinese lithium electricity industry good products”

l  AAAA national standardization good behavior enterprise

l  “Following Contract and Observing Credit” enterprise of Guangdong Province for 11 years in a row

l  Patent advantage enterprises in Guangdong Province

l  The equipment manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province by the enterprise (one of the province’s 100)

l  Strategic emerging industries to foster enterprise in Guangdong Province

l  Key support high growth enterprises in Guangdong Province

l  Innovative enterprise of Guangdong Province

l  Dongguan City double planning enterprise

l  The key enterprise of equipment manufacturing industry in Dongguan

l  Vice President enterprise of Dongguan intelligent manufacturing industry association